A side of this blog that I’ve managed to neglect, anime is (don’t have a reason for the Yoda voice, came out like that). Alas, as per usual, I have a very satisfactory reason:

…Crap, can’t even think of a placeholder reason for that. Shows how much I think about these blog posts, eh?

Anyway, the real reason is that I haven’t been watching any of them recently. The latest anime I’ve watched is Highschool of the Dead, which ended quite a while ago, and while I have seen random episodes of the ~100 series I’ve started but not yet finished, I’ve yet to come across one that will get my attention long enough for me to watch more that two episodes at a time. As an act of apology (or rather, the only way to continue this piece of writing with a coherent structure), I’ll give you what I deem is the worthwhile anime of the Fall season (it’s still Fall, right?):

Bakuman: A top-notch comedy featuring two school-mates and their quest for manga publishing, if not the eventual love for one of them. The drawing style irks me from time to time, yet the comedy more than makes up for it. A must watch for any aspiring mangaka, or to anyone really.

The World God Only Knows: If you’ve liked Code Geass or Death Note, and are familiar with the concept of galge (the Japanese games where the aim is to seduce or rather win the heart of one of the heroines), you’re in for a treat. The main character is a legend in the community of galge, in a concept akin to a romantic comedy with some ecchi thrown in, and you are able to see as he wins the real people’s hearts one by one. Warning: watch it only if you like the concept.

Index 2: Can’t bother with the full title. It’s the third installation on the Academy City storyline, and the direct sequel to the original Index anime. Obviously has less emphasis on our tsundere Railgun as she already got her own anime, and continues the main storyline. Relatively action-packed and a fun watch, there’s no reason not to watch it, unless of course you’re like me and continue putting off downloading it even when you’re bored to death.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai: The English title being “My Little Sister Can’t be This Cute”, it’s about your average protagonist and his pretty sister, the latter which has an undying love for eroge, the 18+ version of the galge we talked about a few lines up. Prepare for a significant amount of ecchi and comedy based on that kind.

MM!: The tales of a masochistic protagonist and a girl who tries to fix his problem but end up regularly beating him, much to his delight. Hilarity ensues.

Yosuga no Sora: Easily one of the most mindfuck anime I’ve ever seen. 5 episodes in, I’ve yet to understand what’s going on. I have no idea as to why I included this anime in this mini-list. Whatever. Warning: 18+, beware the sex and nudity.


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