Upcoming Metal Concerts in Istanbul

Posted: January 24, 2011 in music, real life
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Being in Turkey does have its set of unlucky consequences. While it is a major cross-cultural hub, the music I believe is one of the lacking points of the country. Too much wrong westernization, and too little adaptation of said westernization. Just copying those styles from the US or Europe doesn’t work. Heavy metal is just one type of music so unappreciated by the general consensus that rarely did groups come and play here in Istanbul. One thing is sure, though, that it is getting better. So without further adieu, here are the major metal concerts currently announced to be playing here in the following months:

EPICA at Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park:

They had come last year to Izmir, and now they’re back in Istanbul. Supported by DRACONIAN and TRISTANIA, the Dutch symphonic metallers will play in Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park in March 27, Sunday. Personally, EPICA is one of the first metal bands I’ve ever listened to and actually liked, before I had begun listening to metal this much, and it’ll be a blessing to see them live. The regular tickets are priced at €22 for now, roughly 44TL. Available at Eventbrite.

CHILDREN OF BODOM at Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park:

Not exactly my cup of tea, but the pioneering Finnish metallers will be here in 18 April. I rather like some of their songs, though not enough to warrant an immediate need for a concert. The tickets are sold at €32 for now, also available at Eventbrite.

BLIND GUARDIAN at Refresh the Venue:

Recently pushed back to May 4th in order for the concert to better fit in with the rest of their tour, Blind Guardian is one of the groups I was already expecting this year. I have no doubt that the concert will be downright epic, and have already gotten my ticket from Biletix. I wait for the day I’ll be able to chant the Bard’s Song with thousands of others and feel at home.


The behemoth that rocked Istanbul last year out of its sleeping state, and the sole organization to have united the Big 4 of metal, will be coming again to Istanbul at a yet unannounced date, around the summer. The rumor has it that the heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN will be playing this time around, but we’ll have to wait and see. While IRON MAIDEN may yet disappoint us, an event at this scope surely won’t. More info to come later.


This is a festival I’ve missed last year, and I aim to make it there this time around. Spanning three days (9-10-11 September), the festival aims to be the experience of the year for all the metalheads in the country. Currently announced are BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, OPETH, KATATONIA and ELUVEITIE, and these are just a friendly reminder that this festival is going to rock your world. For now, I’m especially interested in the latter three; OPETH has always been an enigma to me, KATATONIA a band I just haven’t got the chance to listen, and ELUVEITIE, the group that made me appreciate the brilliancy (that a word?) of folk metal. We’ll see what the future will bring. Tickets at Eventbrite.

  1. deth says:

    good is not a comment, this is going to be fucken sick!

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