Gundam 00 Movie Review

Posted: January 25, 2011 in anime, review
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What? Two updates in two days? Really? Is the world coming to an end? It’s not even 2012 yet!

I had been a Gundam virgin until just two years ago, having never watched any of the older series. Seeing the PVs for Gundam 00, I was hooked. The action was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And now, 2 years later, I can finally end my 00 experience the way it was intended: with an action packed movie. Only basic spoilers ahead.

It was a dangerous gamble on Sunrise’s side to include aliens as the source of conflict in this movie. For a series most renowned for its human vs. human politics, it gave us a light in how a united humanity would face aliens if worst came to worst. Of course, this whole scheme is under a layer of symbolism of Gainax variety, if aliens being formless and only communicated through mutual understanding is any indication. You can substitute those aliens for anything or anyone alien to you or to your country and all that bullshit, but you can draw these connections yourself after watching it anyway.

Still don't know what the trailblazer is...

I don’t want to criticize Sunrise for including a moral message in their work, but doing it this blatantly is never the best way to give moral messages. Smearing it across your face, if anything, makes you apprehensive about actually agreeing with the results the movie gives us. The series was already about eradicating war from the planet; we get it already.

Even though the execution of said morals is rather sloppy, Sunrise does what it does best to win our hearts back: action. The CGI is outright amazing, and while trying to combine that CGI with 2D artwork does get a little awkward at times, it is easily overshadowed by the artistic prowess shown in the movie. The color palette at 720p and 1080p promises you a visual ecstasy, and the flower part at the end can only be called beautiful. Without giving too much away, Sunrise never fails to display their magnificent artisticity.. artistry.. artisanness? Whatever that is.

Previous sentence makes as much sense as this translation.

The plot falls short of good, if it is what you are looking forward to. Waging war against aliens have been done already, and too much time is spent on useless characters. Louise’s boyfriend gets so much screentime that you’d expect him to be useful at some point, but no, he is intent on fixing some things that nobody cares about. All the intriguing political aspects are left to “hey let’s attack the aliens and hope we win!” and counting on Celestal Being to do that. Reusing already established characters doesn’t need too much skill when all that happens is Setsuna achieving God-mode.

The BGM is virtually non-existant. The music are not memorable in any way, and the attempt at relieving the tension in mid-fight with a cheerful song is a sad at best. The ending song was also out-of-place, not in the mood of concluding at all. At least the characters still retain their voice actors, and all the gunshots and special effects make Sunrise justice.

If anything, the enjoyment you get while you sit back and relax is worth your time. It doesn’t involve you going on an intellectual journey to understand the movie or what it symbolizes. If you just sit back and enjoy the action scenes and the rather crappy ending, you will see that it isn’t half bad after all.

And subs. Go with gSS. Although the fabulous subs at the beginning sequence might scare you off, you can always turn to the “boring subtitles” by choosing it from Haali Media Splitter. I find it hilarious.


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